Smart Foods Holding Co., Ltd. is an integrated company involved in importation,exportation, wholesale,retail, brand marketing, online-sale and cold-chain logistics.We aim at bringing the best food material to China all over the world and main products are various kinds of Live Canadian Lobster, Live Brown Crab, Live Dungeness Crab, Fresh Atlantic Salmon, King Crab, Patagonian Toothfish,Canadian Spot Prawn,Angus Beef and other supreme foods. Smart Foods is located in a beautiful coastal city Fuzhou & Xiamen, Fujian Province and invested by Honesty Group which is the leader  of international trading and logistics in southern China since 1998. We have Distribution Centers in Shanghai, Fuzhou,Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen & Chengdu in China.  We directly service more than  thousands of restaurants & supermarkets. In 2016 Smart Foods had sales more than USD 200 million, which was a huge quantities of  containers food material cargo.

Upcoming Production

Canadian Spot Prawn
2018 spring season, full sizes of sea-frozen production is coming.

Premium Salmon
Famous brand Frozen Salmon production, Premium Quality, on sail.

Patagonian Toothfish
Newest production of Australian Longline Patagonian Toothfish, is coming for sale very soon.

Company News

[Smartfoods] the peak feast of global seafood, Smartfoods gathering force 2018 China international fishery expo!

In recent years, the influence of China's seafood industry is obvious to all. The China international fishery expo is not only a platform for displaying products, but also an indispensable stepping st..

Shanghai Fisheries Expo, Smartfoods won several awards such as the country's top ten salmon importers

On August 29th, the 9th Shanghai International Food and Drinks Expo of the 13th Shanghai International Fisheries Expo was officially opened at the W1-W5 Hall of Shanghai New International Expo Center...


Industry News

Zero import tariffs confirm Australian rock lobster’s China calling



Canada’s lobster ‘Dumping Day’ areas now in sync for Saturday

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